Top Retail Store Layouts and Designs to Help Boost Sales

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Date : 16 Mar

If you own a retail business, you know all about the importance of standing out. To beat the competition, you need products and services that people want and need. These need to be different and more appealing than what other stores are offering. But these aren’t the only aspects of your business that can help you achieve your financial goals. Even the layout and design of your store can make a significant difference. If you disbelieve this, ask any retail construction company.

If you want to improve your store’s design, or you are buying a property, there are some crucial designs to pay attention to.

Grid Layout

Many retail construction services recommend this type of design for stores. This is why you see it so frequently in grocery stores, hardware stores, and anywhere else that sells goods. This includes long aisles of like merchandise. Product display is prominent, as the layout effectively calls attention to the most popular items in each row. At the front of the store, you will find candy, snacks, and other sweets that people typically grab as they arrive at the checkout. Shoppers are accustomed to this type of layout. It also allows you to strategically place promotional items for people to easily see.

Herringbone Layout

If your store space is long and narrow, this layout might make the most sense. It lets you pack in as much merchandise as possible in a smaller space. You’ll see this design in warehouse-type stores. It can feel a little cramped, as the aisles are narrower. Another drawback is that there is limited visibility down the rows, so stores can be prone to shoplifting.

Loop Layout

Also known as the racetrack layout, construction companies engaged in design-build for retail stores put in this style. It consists of a closed loop that takes customers from the front of the store to the checkout. The layout largely controls the path the person takes. On the good side, the shopper will see the most important items along the route. The traffic patterns are predictable, but it does not encourage shoppers to wander and browse for products.

Free-Flow Layout

This is an interesting layout because there is no apparent pattern in how it is arranged. However, this can confuse shoppers. It also creates less space to display merchandise. On the good side, it does work well if you have a small space to use. There is also less crowding, as more space will be available in between the products.

Choose the Right Layout for Your Store

Get familiar with these layouts so you can improve the traffic flow and merchandise displayed in your store. Then call a trusted retail construction company such as Weekes Construction Group today.