The Impact of a Store’s Layout on the Consumer Experience

design-build for retail store
Date : 19 Apr

If you own and operate a store, there are various ways you can retain and expand your customer base. The types of goods and services you provide are significant. How well you treat your customers will also go a long way toward building a strong client base. But you should never underestimate how important the layout of your store is. The design and atmosphere of this space can help or detract from a customer’s experience. If you need help redefining and revamping your store space, help is available. Construction experts can consult with you and oversee a design-build for retail store project.

Wider Aisles Keep People in the Store

If you are looking to improve the layout of your store, the aisles are a good place to begin. Broader aisles are a positive addition and component to any store. In this setting, people are more likely to spend time in a particular aisle if there is more room. Narrow aisles can feel invasive and uncomfortable for some shoppers. In these smaller areas, people may also feel as though others are invading their personal space. If this happens, the shoppers may leave the aisle or the store altogether.

A retail construction services company can show you how wider aisles create better customer experiences. People will feel freer to shop longer. Shoppers may also visit aisles they would otherwise avoid and thus look at additional products.

The Entryway Makes an Impression

Spend a lot of time thinking about how the entryway of your store will look. This needs to be an area that attracts shoppers and gets them to stay. An experienced retail construction company can help you design and build an appropriate entrance to your store. It should not overwhelm the shopper. Instead, the entryway needs to effectively transition the person into this new environment. This is a spot where the customer will take in the sights, smells, and sounds of your store. Be careful about not cluttering it with too much merchandise or signage.

Going Counterclockwise in Your Design-Build for Retail Stores

Research shows that most shoppers enter a store and head on the right side from the entrance. From there, people typically move in a counterclockwise direction. It is most effective to place your most attractive merchandise to the right side of the entryway. This can enhance people’s experience and leave a positive impression. It can also increase your sales over time.

The Way Your Store Looks Matters

To improve the way your customers shop and feel about your store, it may be time for a redesign. You should enlist the help of a reliable retail construction company to get started. Call the team at Weekes Construction Group to design and rebuild your store space.