Effective Strategies for Designing the Layout of a Warehouse

Industrial general contractors
Date : 31 Dec

Designing and building a warehouse, regardless of size, requires complex planning. That involves a team of experts who work together to perfectly execute the agreed-upon strategies.

However, industrial general contractors in particular play a key role in ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

You’ll never go wrong using professional warehouse design-build services. The general contractor will remain heavily involved with your project from start to finish. That person will facilitate and monitor all the important aspects of the design-build process. The services make it possible to operate an efficient and safe facility.

An Ideal Plan

The design phase is crucial. Even if you have a design team in-house, you’ll still benefit from using industrial design-build contracting services for this stage. An experienced contractor will help define the layout, followed by bringing the best talent on board at the right time.

Key Principals for a Warehouse Design-build

Below are some of the key principles of warehouse design-build services.

By helping define a facility’s layout, they accomplish numerous things. The goal is to streamline operations and reduce health and safety risks. Beyond that, you’ll likely experience enhanced production, as well as lower operating costs. These are just a few benefits of industrial design-build contracting services.


Before you open discussions about the design of your warehouse, you’ll want to create a budget. From the get-go, that’ll make everything easier. Even with a specific price point, you can hire an excellent company for industrial design-build contracting services.

Available Space

Assessing the available space is another important part of the project. This goes beyond creating a comfortable and safe work environment for employees. Industrial general contractors also factor in offices, as well as areas for inventory, storage, and charging stations.

Additional Considerations

The contractor who spearheads the industrial design-build contracting services will focus on other factors such as:

  • Flow
    The layout should flow for optimal efficiency and safety. That accommodates not only employees, contractors, and visitors but also moving equipment.
  • Throughput
    A lot of warehouses struggle with throughput. Due to a poor layout, various activities become chaotic. Some examples include loading and unloading, picking, packing, storing, and shipping. By analyzing data, qualified industrial general contractors prevent this problem.
  • Accessibility
    With warehouse design-build services, the contractor will also focus on accessibility. This goal is to make the facility easy to navigate. That’ll save valuable time getting from one area to another, which equates to increased productivity.
  • Equipment

    The type of equipment your company uses has to be kept in mind when defining the facility layout. Whether that’s hoists, power drivers, or forklifts, etc., everything needs a proper place when not in operation, as well as manageable routes when utilized.

Superior Warehouse Design-build Services

To get your project started, contact us at Weekes Construction Group. As specialists in design-build projects, we would enjoy the opportunity to help make your warehouse efficient and safe.