Consider the Design-Build Construction Approach to Save Money and Time

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Date : 11 Mar

Constructing a commercial or residential property has numerous moving pieces. If you are a project manager or owner, you understand how your responsibilities can quickly add up. You could easily eat up your budget and overextend yourself with endless time on the project. The good news is there are other ways to successfully accomplish the project and achieve the end goals. You can hire and work with design-build contractors to simplify the process and ease your burden. You should learn all you can about this approach and implement it right away.

An Overview of Design-Build Construction

As you understand this concept, you will know whether it is right for your needs. With commercial design-build contractors, you would work with every member of the construction team throughout the process. Everyone — architects, contractors, and subcontractors — would be together from the beginning of the project until the end. As the project manager, you would hire a designer affiliated with the construction company. You will notice that the time and money you spend on the project will be less than with traditional methods.

The Difference Between Traditional Construction

Also known as design-bid-build construction, the alternative method requires more steps to the process. You will spend more time and money, adding more stress and challenges to the timeline. You would begin by hiring an architect to design the construction. Next, you would look for different builders to commence the construction. Once you do this, the subcontractor selection would be out of your hands, as the contractor would do this.

The drawback here is that many of your ideas and wishes could get lost or muddled. The cost of the construction could be higher than you thought. The timeline might also change as the contractor hires additional help.

Time and Money Savings

When it comes to design-build firms in Toronto, the goal is to always spend as little as possible to create a quality finished product in the fastest time frame. Design-build eliminates extra steps and makes things simpler. You’ll only work with one partner. Plus, you’ll remain with the same group of professionals from the outset of the project until the end.

When it comes to the budget, the chances that you will stay closer to it are much higher. Estimates will be accurate, to begin with, and you can count on the project to stay on track and finish on time. This means tenants will be in the building faster, giving you the cash flow you need.

Make the Switch to Design-Build

Design-build contractors have some advantages over those who work in the traditional way of construction. Call the team at Weekes Construction Group today so you can get your project underway.