Build it Right, Offsite... For a Fraction of the Price.

Blokbilt: Modular construction & design build solutions for commercial, residential and industrial purposes across Canada

Need a store, restaurant, facility, or residential structure built to exact specifications – and within a limited budget?

Situated in a challenging or remote area?

Get it built right, offsite with us. Our end-to-end approach to modular building ensures you quality, speed and value each stage of the construction process. We shave up to 75% off of your construction costs… and get it done up to 50% quicker than through traditional construction methods.

From expert design and planning right down to the utilities and quality furnishings, we do it all, with superior craftsmanship, first-rate building materials and best practice manufacturing processes to ensure you peace of mind.

We make difficult builds easier – especially if you’re constructing far away from a major city centre.

Trust in our turnkey prefab construction & design build solutions, backed by 30 years of commercial construction.

Eco-friendly. Affordable. Custom Designed. We build to all sizes, from simple additions to complex 10 floor structures.

Any living or working space, whatever the size, usage or location in Canada, we build it:

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What is modular construction?

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities. Entire rooms or sections of rooms—complete with walls, floors, and ceilings—are built in a factory setting and then transported to a final site in storage containers for assembly.

Although it’s been around for more than a century, modular construction has come of age today, thanks to powerful new construction technologies and a greater need for “speed, economy, and environmental building practices.

Builders, owners and developers: Discover how you can raise up a sophisticated structure for any industry and in any location, in a way that is safer, less expensive – and considerably faster.

Six Reasons to Go Modular With Us

1. Speed: We get your project complete in half of the time of conventional on-site building methods, wherever you are located. Dry controlled conditions mean no weather delays – and on-site workforce means the skilled contractors are always working – with no scheduling disruptions.

2. Green We go the distance to recycle and dispose responsibly. That means less landfill…and less spoilage and waste. Because 90% of construction takes place at a centralized facility, we ensure more energy efficiency, less greenhouse gas emissions… and build greater ‘sustainability’ into each project.

3. Durable: Modular buildings are structurally stronger than those built on-site conventionally. Each section is engineered to handle the rigors of transportation and installation. Once at the site, they are seamlessly assembled together into a sturdy and resilient single integrated structure: wall, floor, and roof.

4. Safe: An off-site builds mean a dramatic reduction in construction hazards, noise, dust, and disruptions. Physical safety at our fully certified facility is also excellent. Modular building is especially helpful when it comes to remodelling or expanding existing businesses which must remain open and operational.

5. Cost: At Blokbilt, our modular construction processes mean better planning, efficiency, integration – and substantially lower building costs. Not only will you get a structure built faster, using rigorous and sustainable practices, you will typically save 75% off the cost of construction.

6. Turnkey: Blokbilt is not just a modular construction company. We are part of a larger, full capacity construction firm with more than three decades of experience. When you built it remotely with Blokbilt, you have an expert contractor team on your project looking after everything from design and construction to furnishing, wiring and plumbing.

Restaurant franchise, lakeside cottage… or plug-and-play medical office?

Radically reduce the time and costs of your next project with us. Contact Blokbilt today for a competitive estimate.